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Andy Garbi

Brokenhead is now complete and features a haunting and unforgettable score from Andy Garbi.

Sean Connolley

The lead played by Sean Connolly is one of the most singular performances ever captured on film and illustrates the journey into the self experienced by someone completly on their own.

Spurn Point Light House

Please return to this page to follow the progress of Brokenhead. 


If you want to know the truth about socks and the creation of the universe check out the latest comedy short film SOCK



Life between the Sticks is a feature length comedy script about a goal keeper who wants to be a striker but is heavily influenced by Albert Camus and when offered his chance of glory questions his actual goal in life.
Death Duty is a dark feature length comedy script about three brothers who have a morbid fear of dead bodies but who stand to inherit their uncles lucrative funeral palour if they can complete the next three funerals that come in.

Water Rats is a modern day odyssey following the developement of two friends as they travel along the canal system from Birmingm to London.



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